State road - Holstebro Ring Road - Holstebro, Denmark

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State road - Holstebro Ring Road - Holstebro, Denmark

Holstebro is a City located in the Midtjylland region of Denmark. Back in 2018, the western part of the Holstebro Ring Road was in need of a new wearing course.

State road
Holstebro Ring Road
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Due to heavy cracking penetrating through to the wearing course, the western part of Holstebro Ring Road was in need of a new wearing surface on a stretch of road measuring approximately 1.3 km. The section of road in question has an annual daily traffic volume of about 13,600 vehicles.

The road has a structure with an HBB layer that is cement stabilised. This layer is in the process of de-stressing, which means that the layer is cracking across the roadway and the cracks are breaking through the asphalt layers. The same phenomenon is also seen with old asphalt base layers.

The distance between the cracks were small as a few metres. On the 1.3 km stretch, it was estimated that there were approximately 2.5 km of transverse cracks.


The entire road was reinforced to protect against current impact cracking from the cement stabilised HHB layer, as well as against future cracking that may occur from further stressing of the HBB layer. 

The project was completed with a time saving of around 5-8 days, as the 2.5 km of cracks did not have to be basin milled and reinforced. This also resulted in a saving on material and milling costs.   

The construction works on the project were carried out during the night to reduce traffic disruption.


S&P Carbophalt G 200/200, 11,600 m²

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