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Support during planning, design, the tendering process, on the jobsite and beyond

Our local teams, in-house engineers and field experts stand ready to address your inquiries and collaborate with you seamlessly throughout the entirety of your project and beyond. Your success is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We are pleased to provide a comprehensive array of documentation and supporting materials to assist you throughout every phase of your project journey.

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  1. Planning, Design and Installation

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    From pre-project stages, where we offer planning and design support, as well as detailed specification texts and insightful case studies, all the way through to on-site execution, where specially adapted installation machines and clear installation instructions ensure smooth implementation. We can even support on sustainability assessments based on pavement service life extension and resource savings in combination with using our EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) accredited asphalt reinforcement grids.

    Post Construction

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    Even long after the completion of construction, our steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction continues unabated. We make it a priority to consistently revisit our previous projects, tracking and thoroughly documenting the pavement's condition over time. By monitoring each project's progress, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering lasting quality and satisfaction to our valued customers.

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