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Asphalt Reinforcement Project Support

Installation Service for S&P Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt Reinforcement Project Support

Professional support and rational installation advice provided by S&P application experts

The client has included asphalt reinforcement grids in the tender, but the contractor lacks the capacity, experience or equipment to install it? No problem, our experienced teams across Europe are there to support, advise and in some cases even install! We help to plan the installation and can often even bring the necessary material to the construction site. Should assistance be needed with the use of our special installation equipment, a member of our team of experts will happily be present during the laying of the asphalt reinforcement grids, therefore ensuring the installation process runs smoothly - just like the road surface afterwards!

For individual support with your project, contact your relevant branch and we will be happy to advise you.


Specification Asphalt Reinforcement

S&P advise specifiers and planners on the tendering of asphalt reinforcement. Corresponding specification text is also readily provided by the S&P branches across Europe.


Based on the data and plans provided by you, we create a project plan. If necessary, one of our experts will come to the site to determine the optimal solution for the respective situation and discuss the process with all of the companies involved. This also includes the preparation of the substrate, such as milling as well as the selection of the ideal tack coat.


If desired, the S&P experts come to the construction site on the agreed date and can either bring all the material and installation equipment with them or co-ordinate the timely arrival of the material and equipment with the logistics department.

Asphalt reinforcement installation

Asphalt Reinforcement Installation

For larger areas, the S&P asphalt reinforcement grids are installed with our special mechanical installation machine. It can be used to quickly and efficiently lay reinforcement grids up to a width of two metres. For smaller areas or partial surface applications, we use the hand-operated installation machine, which can be used to lay reinforcement grids up to a width of one metre.

Fine tuning

The S&P experts carry out or advise all overlaps and cut-outs around manholes and other obstructions. In addition, we're happy to check all reinforcement grids again so that the road builder can reliably pave the superstructure manually or with the paver. For unfavourable or tricky conditions, we have various solutions available - just ask our application experts.

Installation of overlay

If required, S&P accompany the road builder during the installation of the subsequent asphalt layers and support by ensuring the quality requirements are achieved.

Asphalt reinforcement installation overview

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Legal info

Legal info

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