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Welcome to S&P Clever Reinforcement Company

S&P is a leading company in the field of building reinforcement and offers system solutions for retrofitting existing structures made of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, wood and asphalt surfaces such as roads and airport taxi-ways.

This web site provides a general view of products and services throughout Europe. Please visit the the country specific web sites for information specific to the construction methods and standards for your location.

Weaving machine - S&P Glasphalt® G production

Our solutions have been extensively tested in numerous research studies at renowned universities and institutes. They are adapted to the specific requirements of the most diverse fields of application.

S&P reinforcement systems are made of different rovings (carbon, glass, aramid and polyester). S&P has developed static design software for engineering offices and planners, which is available on request (see "Software"). Specialized end processors trained by S&P guarantee high-quality processing of S&P reinforcement systems.



Important customer information

In the following we would like to inform you briefly about the effects of COVID-19 on our company.

To date, we have experienced only minimal impact on our manufacturing processes. As far as shipping and transportation is concerned, we are working together with our logistics partners to maintain the usual service as far as possible. We naturally take extensive precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and our ability to continue operations.

Until further notice, we are suspending all customer events and meetings at our facilities. In addition, we are taking advantage of operational knowledge gained from other countries and are proactively making adjustments to our manufacturing and office facilities to mitigate the effects of likely disruptions to our ability to deliver as a result of the outbreak.

The situation is currently changing constantly, so we will continue to keep you informed of the latest developments. As always, we will do our best to minimise the impact on our customers. For the latest information, please feel free to contact your local branch of S&P Reinforcement.

Like all of you, our priority is to take care of our people and the people we serve in these troubling and unprecedented times.


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