NSM Applications with S&P FRP Laminates and Rods


Near Surface Mounted (NSM) applications with S&P FRP systems

Near Surface Mounted (NSM) applications, sometimes referred to as engraved or slot-applied, is a smart way to reinforce and strengthen a structure with FRP, as the FRP system can be completely hidden within the substrate. The S&P system for NSM applications differs depending on the application. For applications on horizontal substrates, the system involves using the fluid epoxy resin S&P Resin 55 HP to anchor either S&P C-Laminate or S&P C-Rod into pre-cut grooves in the substrate. When utilising an NSM system on a vertical substrate, the epoxy paste adhesive S&P Resin 220 HP is used to fix the S&P C-Laminate or S&P C-Rod into the pre-cut grooves.

As with any FRP installation, preparation of the substrate is critical and this is particularly relevant for NSM applications. The area needs to be clearly marked and grooves need to be cut with precision to the correct depth, width and length - ultimately ensuring that the pre-cut S&P C-Laminate or S&P C-Rod fit perfectly. Fortunately, we have accrued a lot of experience on NSM installations over the years, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need some advice or guidance on your next project.


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