Guaranteed high quality products

We manufacture many of our products at our sites in Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Whenever possible, we source raw materials and accessories from local suppliers with whom we have a long-standing business relationship.

Complete documentation and testing of the respective production batches in our internal test laboratories ensure the traceability of all products back to the raw material.

Internal and external controls

We have our quality management system and processes at all production sites regularly audited and certified by external bodies in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and/or ISO 14001:2015. For specific approvals and certifications, we work closely with the respective testing and certification bodies.

This gives us control over the entire production process and quality management. This also enables us to react quickly to changes in the market and ensure a high level of delivery readiness.

For example, you can find out more about quality assurance for our carbon laminates (S&P C-Laminate) in our brochure.


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