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Since 1995, S&P has collected extensive experience in Europe and around the world, specialising in the infrastructure sector. This wealth of experience equips us with invaluable knowledge, gained through tackling a diverse array of challenging projects over the years. This experience is paramount in ensuring that we deliver tailored solutions that effectively address specific problems, providing peace of mind for our clients.

In essence, we go beyond superficial fixes by recognising that no single product can universally resolve every issue. Instead, we offer comprehensive solutions encompassing problem analysis, exploration of potential remedies, and on-site guidance and installation support. Trusting S&P to address your project needs is simply the logical choice.

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  1. So good they came back for more

    • ©SP-Reinforcement

    The city of Celle in Lower Saxony, Germany, had encountered challenges in the past with asphalt reinforcement grids, particularly during milling processes. Fortunately, S&P Glasphalt® G and S&P Carbophalt® G grids contain easily millable and recyclable fibres, mitigating these issues.

    Having previously utilised S&P grids in 2019/2020, the project engineer opted to once again incorporate them for the city of Celle's rehabilitation project in 2023, based on positive prior experiences.

    • ©SP-Reinforcement

    S&P collaborated closely with the road administrator to devise a sustainable, long-term solution for the DK3 State road in the Polish City of Pyrzyce. The success of this solution paved the way for its adoption in additional road sections within West Pomerania.

    In this innovative approach, the rehabilitation process using S&P asphalt reinforcement grids amounted to a mere 13 cm, a stark contrast to the alternative, which would have required more than double that thickness. This significant reduction translated into substantial savings in costs, time, and resources, all while maintaining the integrity of the pavement structure.

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