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S&P ARMO-System

Sprayable reinforcement mortars incorporating carbon and glass fibre meshes

The S&P ARMO System combines sprayable mortars (shotcrete) with lightweight reinforcement meshes made from carbon and glass fibres which are ideal for use in static and seismic reinforcement and construction with minimal cross-section loss

  • Wet and dry spray mortar (S&P ARMO-crete®)
  • Reactive plaster mortar (S&P ARMO-mur®)
  • Reinforcement grids (S&P ARMO-mesh® and ARMO-grid SR)
  • Specialized ARMO spray pump
  • Anchorages and installation aids
  • Static reinforcement with minimum layer thickness
  • Universal application possibilities in civil engineering
  • No corrosion and very high abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to fire
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 1504-3


The S&P ARMO System consists of the special mortar S&P ARMO-crete® and the carbon fibre reinforcement mesh S&P ARMO-mesh®. The system is used for static reinforcement in structural/civil engineering, building construction and tunnelling. It can be installed either via the wet-spray method or the dry-spray method onto both concrete and masonry substrates. Due to the corrosion resistant properties of the carbon fibre mesh, it is possible to install the mortar at a significantly lower thickness than traditional methods. The amorphous silica coating on the S&P ARMO-mesh®, together with the reactive component in the S&P ARMO-crete® mortar, results in an intensified bond between the mesh and the mortar, as well as an increase in anchorage. The result is a fibre reinforced mortar with high fire resistance. The mortar also meets the requirements for the highest abrasion resistance.

An S&P specially developed mixing and pumping system enables the mortar to be fed directly from a silo, ensuring that the installation process can be optimised economically and efficiently. For construction applications, the S&P ARMO-grid SR can also be used. The S&P software ARMO (flexion/axial) can provide the needed static design if required.



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