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Knowledge backed up with years of experience

With our extensive network of in-house engineers spanning across Europe and decades of accumulated practical experience and expertise from ongoing research endeavors, our specialists stand ready to provide insightful guidance in addressing even the most complex queries.

S&P asphalt reinforcement grids have been successfully implemented on a global scale across a diverse range of projects. Consequently, we have accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge in working with various substrates, asphalt types, pavement designs, and climatic conditions. This wealth of experience greatly enhances the support and advice that we are able to offer, ensuring optimal solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project.

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  1. Creation of a removable pavement? No problem!

    • ©SP-Reinforcement

    Designing pavements for racing circuits inherently presents challenges, but envisioning a street racing circuit over historical and protected cobblestone roads elevates the complexity even further.

    Specialist engineering firm Hart Consult International GmbH - who are reknown for their work on racing circuits - relied on our experience and knowledge to collaborate with us on a groundbreaking solution. This innovative approach involved the creation of a removable racetrack that seamlessly accommodates Formula One race weekends while preserving the integrity of the UNESCO-protected cobblestones.

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