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Product availability varies according to local construction methods.

Visit your local S&P website to discover the full range of solutions suitable for your project.

  • For the reinforcement of classic structures we provide corrosion-resistant and high-performance FRP products such as laminates and sheets made from carbon, glass and aramid fibres.
  • For road construction, the pre-bituminised S&P asphalt reinforcement grids S&P Carbophalt®/S&P Glasphalt® increase the load capacity and usability of asphalt pavements.
  • The ARMO-System combines shotcrete with a lightweight reinforcement mesh made of carbon fibres. The resulting thin-walled concrete shells can be used to retrofit tunnels, pipes or channels without reducing their internal cross-section.
  • FX-70® is a structural repair and protection system that makes in-place repair of damaged (marine) piles possible and practical. By eliminating the need to dewater or take the structure out of service, FX-70® dramatically reduces the overall cost of restoring the damaged structure.
  • Special applications and components ideally complement the S&P product lines. For example, our chemical anchor systems are ideally suited for anchoring demanding fixings in concrete and masonry.

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