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S&P Asphalt reinforcement

Fibre reinforcement grids for asphalt surfaces

S&P Glasphalt® G

S&P Glasphalt® G

Glass fibre asphalt reinforcement grid

S&P Glasphalt® G is a pre-bituminised asphalt reinforcement grid made of glass fibres for local and/or full surface reinforcement of bituminous surfaces.

S&P Glasphalt® G

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  • Minimises crack formation and prevents crack reflection
  • Reduces fatigue and thermal cracks
  • Lower consumption of tack coat thanks to the pre-bituminised grid
  • Grid structure freely movable through heat application (no fixed knots)
  • Local application on existing cracks/joints or complete surface application
  • No waiting time – immediate road surface construction possible
  • Easy and efficient application with unrolling equipment (also in curves)
  • Effectiveness at a cover layer of min. 4 cm
  • Can be milled and recycled without problems


  • Used against cracking
  • Prevents crack reflection
  • Increases the durability of asphalt surfaces
  • The pre-bituminisation guarantees the required layer bonding between old and new road surfaces

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Enhancing Asphalt Pavements with S&P Asphalt Reinforcement Grids

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Product Information

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Logistic Data

    • Delivery
      Width of roll0.97 / 1.50 / 1.95 m (further on request)
      Length of roll50 m
    • Item numberArticlePackaging unit / weightDimension
      GLG0097120S&P Glasphalt G (0.97 m)1 Rolle = 48.50 m² / 33.900 kg L x Ø = 1.00 m x 0.32 m
      1 Palette = 533.50 m² / 393.000 kg / 11 Rollen L x B x H = 1.20 m x 0.80 m x 1.15 m
      GLG0150120S&P Glasphalt G (1.50 m)1 Rolle = 75.00 m² / 52.450 kg L x Ø = 1.50 m x 0.32 m
      1 Palette = 1'500.00 m² / 1'090.000 kg / 20 Rollen L x B x H = 1.65 m x 1.05 m x 2.00 m
      GLG0195120S&P Glasphalt G (1.95 m)1 Rolle = 97.50 m² / 68.150 kg L x Ø = 1.95 m x 0.32 m
      1 Palette = 1950.00 m² / 1'405.000 kg / 20 Rollen L x B x H = 2.00 m x 1.05 m x 2.00 m

Application Instructions

  • - Clean sub-base from dust and grease
    - Apply polymer modified emulsion on dry surface
    - Apply S&P Glasphalt® G on dry surface by machine or manually if possible immediately before pavement construction
    - Apply at temperatures > 3 °C. The minimum temperatures cf. SN 640 430b apply for application of layers.
    - Ensure overlapping lengths of 10 - 20 cm are observed
    - Overlapping of reinforcement should be optimised according to the nature and location of joints and cracks, as well as wheel loading
    - If the S&P grid is applied only on local areas it shall be covered manually with an asphalt layer. This prevents cracking caused by passing vehicles.
    - Minimum covering of 4 cm of S&P Glasphalt® G

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