Pre-stressed FRP

S&P C-Laminate pre-stressed

S&P application engineers are more than happy to assist with pre-stressing the carbon laminates for you

For special requirements in the strengthening of structures made of steel and reinforced concrete, S&P has developed a special procedure to pre-stress FRP laminates and rods with up to 140 kN. The procedure requires appropriate planning, preparation and execution and is therefore exclusively applied with the support of S&P application experts. 

The pre-stressing system has proven itself worldwide and is suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Post-strengthening of overloaded structural elements
  • External pre-stressing of structures with corroded internal pre-stressed cables
  • Rehabilitation of coupling joints
  • Limiting flexure and deflection
  • Reduction of crack widths
  • Relief of joints


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