Solutions that truly resolve the problem


S&P provide solutions to both recurring and new problems with roads and pavements

At S&P we are very fortunate to have a team of extremely knowledgeable experts across a variety of locations. We know that one solution does not work for all types of projects. Clearly different subsoils, different types of asphalt, different layer thicknesses and a whole variety of other factors mean that one certain product at the same depth in the road structure will not always work.

That‘s why when you choose S&P as a partner on your road maintenance projects, you‘re getting the complete service. S&P support by understanding the problems and needs of not only the client, but also the road structure itself. We delve deeper to find why those cracks keep coming through. Then when we’ve figured out what the problem is, more often than not we have the product – and more importantly the advice – to resolve it.

That‘s why our clients love to work with us. Over the years S&P has been very successful in solving problems with roads and pavements, by being able to provide a solution that works – and not just a quick fix.


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