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S&P C-Laminate

S&P C-Laminate

High strength carbon fibre laminates

S&P C-Laminate is a prefabricated (pultruded), carbon fibre reinforced polymer for structural reinforcement of structures made from concrete, masonry, steel or wood. The S&P C-Laminate is bonded with epoxy resin (S&P Resin 220 HP) to the substrate as an external support element. The S&P C-Laminate can be slot-applied when bonded and anchored with an epoxy adhesive (S&P Resin 220 HP or S&P Resin 55 HP) in milling cuts in the concrete substrate.


S&P C-Laminate

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  • Very high tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low deadweight and building height
  • Any delivery length (no overlapping required)
  • Easy application (also overhead)
  • Excellent behaviour in fatigue
  • Simple, flexible and economic gain technology
  • Easy installation of laminates in intersections
  • Very short loss of use of the building
  • No noise and no vibration during installation


  • Increasing the load
    - Increase of life or traffic loads for slabs, beams
      and bridges
    - Change of use of buildings
    - Installation of heavier machinery and equipment in
      the industry
    - Stabilisation of vibrations and oscillations
  • Modification of the support system due to
    - Distance from columns and walls
    - Creating cut-outs in slabs
    - Increasing resistance to earthquakes
    - Project or building mistakes
  • Damage to structural parts due to
    - Corrosion of steel reinforcement (rebar loss)
    - Ageing of building materials
    - Damage to the structure due to fire, earthquake,
      impact, etc.
  • Increase the usability
    - Reduction of crack widths
    - Reduction of the deflection
    - Reduction of steel tensile stresses
    - Reduction of fatigue

Image Gallery

  • Application of S&P CFRP-Laminates
  • Applied S&P CFRP-Laminates
  • S&P CFRP-Laminates in cross and vertical direction
  • Applied S&P CFRP-Laminates


Effect of S&P FRP Laminates | Simple Test | Comparison

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Safety Data

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Application Instructions

  • Handling

    S&P C-Laminate

    Arrange the S&P C-Laminate on a clean surface (workbench) and clean the unlabelled side with a white cloth and S&P Cleaner. Wait at least 5 minutes to let the surface completely dry. Using the S&P adhesive-forming unit apply the well mixed S&P Resin 220 onto the S&P C-Laminate in a ‘roof’ shape. The edges of the S&P C-Laminate need an adhesive thickness of approximately 1 mm and the centre approximately 3 mm.
    The S&P C-Laminate should be fixed with light finger pressure onto the prepared substrate and then pressed with a special roller until the adhesive squeezes out on both sides of the S&P C-Laminate. The excess adhesive is wiped off and can’t be reused. The adhesive layer thickness should be approximately 2 mm thick. Adhesive residue on the facing surface of the laminates should be removed before the adhesive is allowed to cure.
    Thanks to the excellent resistance of the adhesive, no tools are required to support the S&P C-Laminate during the curing period.
    At intersections of two or more S&P C-Laminate, the already applied S&P C-Laminate is to be cleaned with S&P Cleaner. When gluing more than one S&P C-Laminate above one another, both sides must be completely clean. After the curing of the S&P Resin 220, the bond is tested by gently tapping and listening out for hollow areas.
    To test the adhesion of the S&P C-Laminate with the substrate, we recommend to stick one or more test S&P C-Laminate pieces and to conduct at least 3 pull-off tests (according to EN 1542).

    Near surface (slot-applied) application of S&P C-Laminate

    The clean and dry slots are filled with the homogenous S&P Resin 220 mixture with a putty knife or gun. In horizontal slots, it is also possible to pour in S&P Resin 55 HP. One or two lengths of S&P C-Laminate are inserted into the slot. The excess adhesive is removed with a spatula, to ensure that an even surface is achieved.

    For more details please refer to the application instructions.

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