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Deck reinforcement - Courtineau viaduct - Saint-Epain, France

Structural reinforcement

Deck reinforcement - Courtineau viaduct - Saint-Epain, France

As part of the work to modernise the A10 motorway, bridge structures have been doubled to allow an increase in the number of traffic lanes. Older engineering structures, such as the Courtineau viaduct, have also been modernised. In particular, this bridge has been fitted with new anti-noise panels, for which a tailor-made solution had to be implemented.

Deck reinforcement
Courtineau viaduct
Centre-Val de Loire Region
4 Months


Placed on a sill cantilevered over the existing deck, the new anti-noise panels increased the bending moment on the support.
As the new moment could not be absorbed by the existing structure (reinforced concrete), the bridge structure had to be reinforced.

In addition, the surface of the deck, which had deteriorated over the years, had to be reprofiled using an R4 mortar before the carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates were installed.


The reinforcement of this structure began with the reprofiling of the deck using S&P Tecnogrout-N, a fluid and pourable R4 cementitious mortar.

S&P C-Laminate was then applied to the deck using S&P Resin 220 HP.

Finally, S&P Tecnogrout-N mortar was used to re-profile the protective reinforcement before the waterproofing was applied and the asphalt mix laid on top.


S&P Tecnogrout-N
S&P C-Laminate
S&P Resin 220 HP

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  • Installation des S&P C-Laminate120/1.2
  • Installation des S&P C-Laminate120/1.2
  • Préparation de la dalle existante
  • Préparation de la dalle existante


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