Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested

S&P grids have been utilised on many successful projects, leading to satisfied clients and thousands of km’s of great performing roads

How do we know that S&P asphalt reinforcement solutions work in practice? It’s not only the theoretical aspect and the numerous tests that we’re confident in. Since S&P has accumulated many years of experience with providing asphalt reinforcement solutions, we’ve seen the products in action. Not only that though, we’ve also seen the unblemished condition of roads years after S&P grids have been installed.

Ultimately, thanks to our clients choosing to partner up with S&P on projects, there are thousands of km’s of great performing roads and pavements across the globe.

The project isn't finished when the jobsite closes

Tried and Tested Asphalt Reinforcement | Project Tracking

Vesterled - Tjæreborg (DK)

Widoczna Street - Warsaw (PL)

DK3 State Road - Pyrzyce (PL)

Grabiszyńska Street - Wroclaw (PL)

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Legal info

Legal info

  • About Simpson Strong-Tie®

    Since 2012 S&P has been part of Simpson Strong-Tie, an international building products company based in California with multiple locations across Europe.

    The company is committed to helping customers succeed by providing exceptional code-listed products, full-service engineering and field support, product testing and training, and on-time product delivery.

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