Road Rehabilitation - B 533 - Lalling, Hunding, Germany

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Road Rehabilitation - B 533 - Lalling, Hunding, Germany

The construction project, located between Deggendorf and the Bavarian Forest National Park, comprises of an approximately 10 km long section of federal road, which was rehabilitated in four stages. The complete work, worth around 2.35 million euros, was carried out during the summer holidays in order to minimise traffic disruption.

Road Rehabilitation
B 533
Lalling, Hunding


Since the asphalt structure on this long stretch is often inhomogeneous, it was necessary to work out various rehabilitation solutions and co-ordinate them with the different existing structures. Furthermore, diversions for private and public passenger and freight traffic on a 10 km construction stretch are a major challenge if all residents are to be accommodated.


With the support of the engineering firm Mayr Ingenieure, the Passau State Construction Authority decided to mill the existing 4 cm thick asphalt wearing course and the top layer of the asphalt binder course or asphalt base course to a thickness of approx. 1 cm for a large part of the road section. In a section of about 1.85 km in length, only 2 cm of the existing asphalt wearing course was milled in order not to further weaken the superstructure. Subsequently, S&P Glasphalt® G was laid on the entire milled area and a new asphalt wearing course with a thickness of 5 cm was laid on top.

In order to meet the concerns of the residents, it was decided to carry out the rehabilitation during the summer holidays. In sections, the road builders worked with two installation machines to meet the high daily performance requirements. This enabled them to install over 120,000 m² of S&P Glasphalt® G in a very short time. The experienced installation team of Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG was responsible. During the installation of the S&P Glasphalt® G, the long-standing partner of S&P Germany, Nadler Straßentechnik GmbH, provided active support in planning and execution.

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