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Concrete repair and protection

Concrete repair mortars and injection resins

S&P Tecnoprot-CEM

S&P Tecnoprot-CEM

Cementitious corrosion inhibitor

S&P Tecnoprot-CEM is a one component, polymer modified cementitious primer for protecting rebars against corrosion. It is specially formulated with sulphate resistant cement, synthetic resin, active pigments and migratory inhibitors.

It can be brush or spray applied and only requires the addition of water prior to mixing.

S&P Tecnoprot-CEM

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• Provides durable protection against corrosion of rebars
• Excellent workability
• Easy to mix – just add water
• User friendly application
• Can be brush or spray applied
• Perfect solution in combination with S&P concrete repair mortars
• Excellent compressive strength and adhesion properties


• Steel reinforcement bars
• Prior to application of S&P repair mortars
• Can be used on a wide variety of concrete structures

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  • S&P Tecnoprot-CEM being applied to rebars
  • S&P Tecnoprot-CEM applied to rebars
  • S&P Tecnoprot-CEM
  • S&P Tecnoprot-CEM applied to rebars

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