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S&P Tecnogrout-SR

S&P Tecnogrout-SR

Sulphate resistant cementitious grout (R4)

S&P Tecnogrout-SR is a non-shrinkage and sulphate-resistant grout, formulated on mineral products, with high mechanical features and good fluidity. It is chloride free and includes no additional mineral additives. Application of the product is highly recommended in works with high mechanical requirements and in areas in contact with sulphurous water, sea water, etc.. S&P Tecnogrout-SR is applied preferably in filling depths between 10 and 150 mm, except in confined fillings, in which it can be installed to any thickness.

S&P Tecnogrout-SR

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  • Shrinkage compensated (slight expansion)
  • Water-resistant
  • Various application thicknesses
  • Sulphate resistant
  • Carbonation resistant
  • Non-bleeding
  • Good chemical resistance to seawater, wastewater, sulphates
  • Self levelling


  • Equipment foundations
  • Anchorage of rails and bolts
  • Filling of steel column bases
  • Erection of pre-fabricated structures
  • Micro piles
  • Reinforcement and repair of concrete structures
  • Joints repair
  • Injections
  • Reinforcement of underground foundations
  • Beam supports on bridges

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  • S&P Tecnogrout-SR

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