Flowable repair mortars and grouts

S&P Tecnogrout-N Rapido

Rapid curing cementitious grout (R4)


S&P Tecnogrout-N Rapido is a non-shrinkage mortar based on mineral products, with high mechanical characteristics and great fluidity. The chloride-free, non-metallic flowable grout is specially designed for cases that require an immediate and quick repair. S&P Tecnogrout-N Rapido is a non-bleeding, self-levelling mortar with good chemical resistance (marine waters, wastewater, sulphates). Its use is ideal in applications subject to heavy loads, as well as in cases where the design requires a high fluidity and quick commissioning: turbines, machinery, compressors, reinforcement of structures, support of beams, anchorage, etc. S&P Tecnogrout-N Rapido is preferably applied at filling heights between 30 and 80 mm 
(S&P Tecnogrout-N/PR Rapido is preferably applied at filling heights between 5 and 30 mm), except in confined fillings, in which it can be used in any depth.


  • Slight expansion (non-shrinking)
  • Water resistant
  • Various application thicknesses
  • Sulphate resistant
  • No bleeding into substrate
  • Carbonation resistant
  • Self-levelling
  • Good chemical resistance to sea water, wastewater, sulphates
  • Fast commissioning


  • Equipment foundations (e.g. heavy machinery)
  • Anchoring of rails and bolts
  • Filling of abutment bases
  • Filling of joints in beams
  • Repair of joints on bridges
  • Reinforcement of concrete structures
  • Injections
  • Support of beams on bridges
  • Assembly of prefabricated structures
  • Rapid concrete repairs
  • Emergency works

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