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Concrete repair and protection

Concrete repair mortars and injection resins

S&P Tecnopint

S&P Tecnopint

Acrylic based protective paint

S&P Tecnopint is a mono-component water dispersion paint based on acrylic resins, elastic and waterproof, suitable for the protection and restoration of concrete and mortars. S&P Tecnopint is particularly useful for weatherproofing and to protect against ultraviolet rays, as well as against acids and alkalis. It forms a waterproof barrier to ions, gases, salts, contaminated waters, frosts, etc, preventing the concrete carbonation process and subsequent attack on reinforcing bars. The film on the substrate is permeable to water vapour, allowing concrete transpiration. The high resistance to CO2 diffusion decreases the carbonation speed. It also has migratory properties, meaning the active components migrate towards the reinforcing bars to protect them.

S&P Tecnopint

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  • Carbonation resistant
  • Available in various colours
  • Easy to apply
  • UV-resistant
  • Weatherproof


  • Bridges and concrete tanks
  • Protection of structures in aggressive environments
  • Protection of restored concrete structures
  • Balconies, garages, etc.
  • Prefabricated concrete elements (beams, pillars, columns)
  • Superficial concrete refurbishment
  • Fireproof protection

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  • S&P Tecnopint

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