S&P Asphalt reinforcement

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S&P Asphalt reinforcement

Fibre reinforcement grids for asphalt surfaces

The pre-bituminised S&P asphalt reinforcement grids S&P Carbophalt® and S&P Glasphalt®, made of carbon and/or glass fibres, are used to prevent cracking and crack reflection, thereby increasing the bearing capacity and the durability of bituminous surfaces.

  • Pre-bituminised asphalt reinforcements grids made of glass fibres (S&P Glasphalt® G)
  • Pre-bituminised asphalt reinforcements grids made of carbon fibres (S&P Carbophalt® G)
  • Installation aids and technical support
  • Installation service
  • Durable and economical road rehabilitation system
  • Increases the load-bearing capacity, minimises cracking and prevents crack reflection
  • Significantly longer life expectancy
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs


The pre-bituminised S&P asphalt reinforcement grids, Carbophalt® and Glasphalt®, are made of carbon and/or glass fibres. They are effective in significantly reducing the build up of cracks and help to prevent crack reflection from the layers below. As well as crack prevention, they increase the load bearing capacity of the substrate therefore ensuring the surface layer is much more durable. The S&P asphalt reinforcement grids are easy to install and offer a cost-effective method of quickly repairing asphalt surfaces. They are both easily millable and recyclable. The pre-bituminisation guarantees the regulated bond strength between the asphalt layers.



Tried and Tested Asphalt Reinforcement | Project Tracking

Asphalt Reinforcement - Kystvejen (Gentofte, Denmark)

Five great reasons to reinforce asphalt with S&P Glasphalt® G and Carbophalt® G.

  • Each strand is individually pre-bituminised for maximum performance.
  • No backing to get in the way of the asphalt courses.
  • Open knot grid construction allows laying along curves.
  • Works traffic can drive on it straight away.
  • Unidirectional fibres make it easily millable and completely recyclable.

Enhancing Asphalt Pavements with S&P Asphalt Reinforcement Grids


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