Asphalt pavement repair - Bergstrasse - Wiliberg, Switzerland

Crack Prevention

Asphalt pavement repair - Bergstrasse - Wiliberg, Switzerland

Asphalt pavement repair


The canton did not want to completely replace the heavily cracked mountain road, but rather use S&P Glasphalt G on the existing pavement as reinforcement and rehabilitate the road with 6 cm binder course and 3 cm surface course as a raised paving. Most of the reinforcement was laid over the entire surface. In some places, the pavement was replaced or the road had to be widened and extended with a retaining wall. In these sections, the reinforcement was then only laid over part of the surface. The approximately one kilometre long section was divided into three daily stages of 300 - 350 m each. In the evening from 6 pm onwards, the 60% polymer-modified emulsion was applied. In the morning at 6 am the reinforcement was laid and from 9 am the subsequent overlay could be installed on top. To prevent the pavement reinforcement from being torn open by the trucks rolling over it, the reinforcement mesh was covered with pre-coated chippings, especially in the curved areas.


1‘600 m2 S&P Glasphalt G, Roll widths: 0.97 m, 1.50 m and 1.95 m

Image Gallery

  • Road widening with retaining wall

  • Cracks in curved area

  • Installation with S&P asphalt reinforcement machine

  • Scattering over the installed reinforcement in the curve area

  • Pavement installation


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