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S&P ResAC-19

S&P ResAC-19

High performance resin

S&P ResAC-19 is a styrene-free chemical anchoring resin system suitable for high performance fixing applications in masonry, cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete.
It is designed as a fast curing high strength resin fixing anchor for very high loads and critical and overhead fixings especially in corrosive environments, or damp conditions.
The colour of the mortar changes from blue to grey during the curing process. Subsequently the anchorage can be loaded immediately.


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  • High bonding values in concrete
  • Suitable for installation in damp and wet drill holes
  • High load capacity, easy to dispense and short curing phase
  • Low odour, Styrene free and easy to extrude
  • Suitable underwater
  • VOC emission class A+


Support materials

  • Cracked / Non-cracked concrete and Masonry


  • Studs, rebar, steel and metal construction
  • Consoles, shelves, scaffolds, railings, awnings, climbing aids and fire ladders
  • Facade sub-constructions
  • Installed Rebar with fire according to EAD 330087
  • Subsequent reinforcement connections

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