New Product: S&P C-Anchor

Monday, 8. January 2024

New Product: S&P C-Anchor

We are delighted to announce that our product range has a new member of the family! Following an extensive and stringent testing programme, S&P C-Anchor is readily available across a range of countries in Europe.

What is it used for?

S&P C-Anchor is a high-strength, non-corrosive carbon anchor designed to be field laminated with S&P resins to create a carbon fibre–reinforced polymer (CFRP) anchor for enhanced anchoring of S&P FRP and ARMO systems. The main application area for S&P C-Anchor is to enhance the anchoring of shear reinforcements made with FRP fabrics. Other application areas include:

• Enable load transfer between different structural elements
• Increasing strength and ductility of masonry walls
• Increasing the bearing capacity of structures

Product and system benefits

S&P C-Anchor has been specially developed with a pre-cured composite rod section to offer our clients peace of mind via quality and reliable applications. It's a ready-to-use product and compliments our product range effectively due to it's compatibility with not only our S&P fabrics and S&P resins, but also it's ability to be utilised in our FRCM S&P ARMO system. Some product benefits include:

• Pre-cured composite rod section allows for simple and reliable application
• Economic, high strength and lightweight
• Corrosion free materials
• Flexible application with low aesthetic impact

An FRP anchor like no other

For an overview of the product and and relevant documentation, visit our S&P C-Anchor product page. If you require further information about the product or assistance with design, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Legal info

Legal info

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