New and Improved S&P Tecnoimper-Flex

Thursday, 13. January 2022

New and Improved S&P Tecnoimper-Flex

  • S&P Tecnoimper-Flex

We are pleased to announce some new features and improvements to S&P Tecnoimper-Flex. With no compromise on performance, S&P have adapted the formulation to make it lighter in colour! Thanks to this adaptation the product matches seamlessly to existing concrete structures, therefore offering a truly aesthetically pleasing result with the same high performance and quality expected of our products!

But we haven‘t stopped there…

To adapt to demand in the market, we have also gone beyond to test and approve S&P Tecnoimper-Flex for use in contact with drinking water (RD 140/2003 & DL 306/2007), as well as proving the performance when exposed to both negative and/or positive water pressure!

These new added performance features combined with the S&P complete product range, as well as our expertise when working on concrete repair and strengthening projects, will benefit our clients on upcoming projects. To find out more, check out the product here!


Legal info

Legal info

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