Integration Week 2023 | Portugal | European Master Course

Monday, 23. October 2023

Integration Week 2023 | Portugal | European Master Course

We are delighted to announce that we will not only be participating in the Integration Week 2023 in Portugal, but our S&P Portugal branch manager Filipe Dourado will be presenting as a keynote speaker during day 4.

The event titled 'European Master Course in Advanced Structural Analysis and Design using Composite Materials' takes place from 20th to 24th November and is hosted by the University of Minho in the historic city of Guimarães. The event is part of the European Union funded FRP++ master course which is supported by programmes at the University of Girona, University of Naples, INSA Toulouse/University of Toulouse III, as well as the hosts the University of Minho.

The majority of the event will take place at the University's Azurém campus, with the exception of welcome activities which will be held at the Couros campus and all details surrounding the event can be found in the PDF below.


Legal info

Legal info

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