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EBR with S&P FRP Laminates

EBR with S&P FRP Laminates

Externally Bonded Reinforcement (EBR) with S&P C-Laminate

Externally Bonded Reinforcement (EBR) applications of bonding S&P C-Laminate is the most common form of bonding carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates. The S&P system comprises of a pre-cured carbon fibre reinforced polymer plate S&P C-Laminate which is bonded to the surface using an epoxy paste adhesive S&P Resin 220 HP. As manufacturer of both the S&P C-Laminate and the S&P Resin 220 HP, we are able to monitor, control and guarantee the quality of the individual products and more importantly confirm the compatability of using them together.

We also have some useful tools available to help with the installation of the system on the jobsite such as the S&P Roll dispenser, S&P Adhesive-forming unit and S&P Press roller. And if the substrate needs levelling before installing the EBR, the epoxy based S&P Resin 230 HP or the cementitious based S&P Tecnogrout-FIB can be utilised, meaning everything you need for the perfect installation is available.

Discover how this EBR application with S&P C-Laminate was used to great effect on this project

Sustainable Building Upgrade | S&P FRP systems | Farum, Denmark

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