Effect of S&P FRP Laminates

Tuesday, 11. July 2023

Effect of S&P FRP Laminates

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In the video, our team demonstrates the effectiveness of structural reinforcements with carbon laminates using a simple test with two different beams. While the non-reinforced test specimen already breaks under light loading, the beam reinforced with an S&P C-Laminate withstands enormously high loads. Even when the team resorted to extreme measures, the beam still could not be broken.

Information about the test

At our location in Seewen, Switzerland, we cast two identical beams with our high-quality ARMO-crete® w. In each beam there is a 6mm thick B500B reinforcement bar. Our application engineers strengthened the reinforced test body with S&P C-Laminate SM 50/1.2, which was bonded with S&P Resin 220 HP. Drawings of the cross-section as well as the test set-up can be found in the picture gallery above.

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Legal info

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