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S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape

Pre-bituminised Asphalt grids

S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape

S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape is a self-adhesive asphalt reinforcement consisting of a glass fleece coated with polymer bitumen and an inserted glass mesh fabric for reinforcement and sealing (membrane) cracks and joints.
S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape is used locally.

Field of application

• Increases the durability of asphalt surfaces
• Local application on existing cracks, joints or seams


• Reduces crack formation
• Prevents water penetration into lower pavement layers
• Reinforced bituminous membrane
• Self-adhesive (processing without flame)
• Easy application with manual unroll equipment
• No waiting time – immediate pavement construction possible
• Effective with a cover layer of min. 4 cm

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape

Tab Group

Logistic Data

Widht of roll:1.0 m (further sizes on request))
Length of roll:15 m

Installation Instructions

The asphalt reinforcement S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape is applied by simply rolling and simultaneously pulling off the separating foil by hand onto the dry substrate, preferably directly before laying the asphalt above.

- Fix the asphalt reinforcement S&P Glasphalt® GBM Tape by compressing the product with a suitable roller
- Apply at temperatures > 3 °C. Observe the minimum temperatures for application of layers cf. SN 640 430b
- Cover S&P Glasphalt® GBM with a layer of at least 4 cm

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