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FX-763 - Low-Modulus, Non-Sag Epoxy Cartridge

FX‑763 Low-Modulus Non-Sag Epoxy Cartridge is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, non-sag epoxy designed for vertical, horizontal, and overhead applications and uses.

Field of application

  • As a jacket joint sealer for the FX‑70® Structural Repair and Protection System
  • Vertical, horizontal and overhead crack sealing
  • Securing ports and paste-over for pressure injection applications


  • Bonds well to most construction materials
  • Bonds to dry or damp surfaces
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance in wastewater and other industrial applications
  • Easily applied

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet FX-763CTG
Safety Data Sheet FX-763CTG (Component A)
Safety Data Sheet FX-763CTG (Component B)

Tab Group

Technical Data

Please refer to the current technical data sheet for details.

Logistic Data

Store dry beteen 4-35 °C
Shelf Life
2 years in unopened packaging
600 ml dual cartridge

Safety Data

For detailed safety information it is recommended to seek advice in the current safety data sheet in the service section above..

Installation Instructions

Please refer to the current technical data sheet for details.

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