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S&P Resin 55 HP

Epoxy Adhesive

Solvent-free, transparent 2-component epoxy resin with a formulated amine hardener.



Field of application

S&P Resin 55 HP is used as a laminating resin for the following S&P Sheet systems:

  • S&P C-Sheet
  • S&P G-Sheet
  • S&P A-Sheet
  • S&P slot-applied laminate

Sheets of up to 400 g/m² can be laminated directly on the bearing substrate. Sheets of 400 - 800 g/m²  are pre-impregnated and are applied wet.


  • Good wettability
  • High stability
  • High adhesive pull strength on concrete and on steel
  • Resistant against bases, diluted acids, saline solutions, mineral oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Weather resistant
  • Almost non-yellowing

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet S&P Resin 55 HP
Safety Data Sheet S&P Resin 55 HP, Component A
Safety Data Sheet S&P Resin 55 HP, Component B

Tab Group

Logistic Data

6 kg unit
13 kg unit
In original packing at + 5 °C to + 35 °C, at least 24 months
Item numberArticlePackaging unit / weightDimension
SHRESEPO55HP6KGS&P Resin 55 HP (6 kg unit)1 Set = 1.00 Set / 7.030 kg H x Ø = 0.21 m x 0.25 m
SHRESEPO55HPS&P Resin 55 HP (13 kg unit)1 Set = 1.00 Set / 14.480 kg H x Ø = 0.56 m x 0.24 m

Safety Data

When fully cured, the S&P Resin 55 is physiologically harmless. However, the hardener (Comp. B) is caustic. Strict measures must be taken to ensure that there is no skin contact with the resin (Comp. A) or the hardener (Comp. B). It is recommended to wear rubber gloves during handling and application. Should skin contact occur, rinse with soap and plenty of water. Should eye contact occur, rinse at once with plenty of water and use an eye washing kit (available in pharmacies). Seek medical advice immediately.

For detailed safety information, it is recommended that you seek advice in the current safety data sheet.

Installation Instructions


The S&P Resin 55 HP is delivered in the prescribed mixing ratios. The hardener (Comp. B) is poured into the resin (Comp. A). It is important that the hardener is used up completely. Mixing of both components is preferably done by means of a low speed drill equipped with a mixing paddle. Mix thoroughly and carefully scrape the sides and bottom of the container while mixing to ensure that the hardener is evenly distributed vertically as well. After blending, the mix must be homogeneous, i.e. without streaks. The temperature of both components at the moment of mixing should ideally be 15 °C – 20 °C. Higher temperatures reduce the application time considerably.

The S&P Resin 55 HP must be protected from moisture for 6 –8 hours after the application. Should any contact with moisture occur during this period, the surface will turn white and tacky; the resin below, however, will still cure perfectly. In discoloured or tacky areas, the bond to any subsequent coating is either reduced or completely prevented.

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