FX-70 System

  • FX-70
  • FX-70® System
  • FX-70® System

FX-70 System

Repair and protection of piles (underwater and dry applications)

  • FX-70® fiberglass jackets made to measure
  • Epoxy grout FX-70-6MP™
  • FX-225 non-metallic underwater grout
  • FX-763 epoxy and repair paste
  • Technical assistance and requirements calculations
  • Repairs without the need to dewater the structure
  • Customized jackets in various shapes and sizes
  • The system requires very little maintenance
  • Protection against corrosion and erosion
  • UV resistant


Attack of structures at the waterline is commonplace in marine environments. Tidal action, river current, salt water exposure, chemical intrusion, floating debris, marine borers, electrolysis and general weathering are all examples of factors affecting the lifecycle of structures in marine environments addressed by the FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System.

FX-70® Jacket

The FX-70® Jacket provides the external protection for the repair. The fibreglass tongue-and-groove seamed jacket provides a corrosion-resistant shell, is UV-resistant and ranges from 3mm to 5 mm thick.

High-Strength Grouting Materials

FX-70-6MP™ Multi-Purpose Marine Epoxy Grout and FX-225 Non-Metallic Underwater Grout are both high-strength, water-insensitive repair compounds. FX-70-6MP™ provides excellent bond to concrete, steel, wood and other common building materials. These products displace existing water and can easily be placed into the FX-70® jacket without the costly building of cofferdams or dewatering of the repair site. FX-70-6MP™ is ideal for repairs to structures with less than 25% section loss, and is commonly combined with FX-225 to reduce material cost on large jobs or to repair structures with greater than 25% section loss.


  • FX-70 01

    Application on concrete piles

    Application on concrete piles

  • FX-70 04

    Job specific production of the FX-70® Jackets

    Job specific production of the FX-70® Jackets

  • FX-70 05

    The section loss defines the application method

    The section loss defines the application method


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