Widening of E45 motorway from Skanderborg to Aarhus - E45 Motorway - Skanderborg to Aarhus, Denmark

Widening of E45 motorway from Skanderborg to Aarhus

Structural Reinforcement

Widening of E45 motorway from Skanderborg to Aarhus - E45 Motorway - Skanderborg to Aarhus, Denmark

Widening of 15km motorway E45 from Skanderborg to Aarhus in both directions.

Widening of E45 motorway from Skanderborg to Aarhus
E45 Motorway
Skanderborg to Aarhus
36 Months


The E45 was to be widened due to increased traffic on the stretch and the Road Directorate wanted a smooth process with minimum disruption to traffic during construction. Therefore, during the first stage in 2017, the emergency lanes on both sides were first upgraded to carry the necessary heavy traffic during the extension of the third lane in the central reservation. The extension with the third track was carried out in 2018 as stage 2. Stage 3, which was the last stage of the extension, was a straightening of the road's longitudinal profile to ensure better driving comfort and reduce rolling resistance and fuel consumption. This was done using "3D" milling a special equipment, but at the same time it caused varying thickness in the existing asphalt pavement layers. The solution was reinforcement under the asphalt overlay. 


S&P Nordic provided the solution and execution works for all 3 stages in the form of asphalt reinforcement. For the first stage, the junction between the existing road box in the heavy track and the new road box in the emergency lane was secured. In total, approximately 30,000 m² of asphalt reinforcement was delivered and laid. In stage 2 the same solution was used, securing the joint between the new third track and the existing road box. In stage 3, load-bearing reinforcement had to be installed and secured against possible puncture cracks, so it was decided to lay reinforcement on the 2 heavy tracks along the entire section, totalling approx. 250,000 m². 




310000 m² S&P Glasphalt G

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  • E45 - Stage1

    E45 - Stage 1

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    E45 - Stage 2

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    E45 - Stage 3


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