Structural repair - Paseo Marítimo - Castro Urdiales, Spain

Castro Urdiales


Structural repair - Paseo Marítimo - Castro Urdiales, Spain

Part of the  Passeio Marítimo de Castro Urdiales extends to about 400 metros , forming  one  balcony over the Ocean  and the Port with 10 meters  width. In the 80´s a structure with 97 reinforced concrete frames was added to the primitive walk, used nowadays as a pedestrian and bicycle side walk. The columns have a rectangular cross section of 30 x 30 cm2 and a average height of 5 meters.

Structural repair
Paseo Marítimo
Castro Urdiales
3 Months


The structure is located in maritime zone and the reinforced concrete its being in permanent exposure to an aggressive environment. Over time the structure has developed a number of pathologies, which put into question the durability. To provide the structure with a new extended life, the columns were reinforced and protected from the aggressive maritime environment.

The Columns presented a generalized deterioration, in particular in the edges, with little covering of reinforcement steel, detachments, cracks and exposed rebars. In the case of beams, it was observed a lower deterioration, observing corrosion of the reinforcement in punctual zones.


Proposed repair:

It was intended to have a solution that would recover the original capacity of the structural resistance, lasting and easy to apply. Given the location of the structure, it was also important to avoid   stopping of structural service during the maintenance work.

As a solution to that, the DYNAMIS consultants recommended as a solution the application of the FX-70® system, applied since the 70's by our company, with excellent results

Application Details:

The FX-70® System consists of applying to each column to repair a fiberglass jacket, lost formwork, integrant part of the column structure protection system  , protecting the concrete from any aggression of the marine environment.

Prior to the application of the FX-70® Jackets, it is necessary to carry out a cleaning of the support by removing all the concrete spalling parts and passivating the reinforcements with the S & P TECNOPROT-EPOX epoxy base product.

All Fiberglass Jackets are tested by the American ASTM standard and are custom made to suit project requirements. In this case, translucent circular Jackets with a diameter of 42 cm by 3 mm thickness were applied to the original rectangular columns .

Since the average height of the pillars exceeds 5 meters in height, for easier application, the protection system was applied in two sections.



  •  36 rectangular FX-70® jackets cross section 74 cm x 44 cm and 3 mm thick with 4 sizes: 3.20 m / 2.50 m / 2.00 m and 1.50 m.

  • 314 circular FX-70® jackets 42 cm in diameter and 3 mm thick with 4 sizes: 3,20 m / 2,50 m / 2,00 e 1,50 m

  • 150 tons of FX-225 filling grout

  •  40 tons of thixotropic mortar R4 TECNOGROUT-FIB

  •  100 epoxy sealing cartridges FX-763CTG

  •  1 tonne of fast mortar TECNOSTOP

Image Gallery

  • Imagem do estado de umn pilar e uma viga antes da reparação

  • Imagem de um operário transportando a camisa FX-70®

  • Imagem da selagem da camisa

  • Imagem do pilar duplo com a camisa FX-70® rectangular

  • Estutura antes da reparação

  • Estructura reparada

  • Imagem do molhe reparado em plena praia-mar 

  • Imagem da estrutura reparada com baixa-mar


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