Renovation of taxiway - International Airport - Copenhagen, Denmark

Airport, Copenhagen

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Renovation of taxiway - International Airport - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Airport is the main international airport in Denmark. A huge and very busy airport - the largest in the Nordic countries with 29 million passengers in 2016. It is also one of the oldest international airports in Europe, founded in 1925, so it was a perfect challenge and task for S&P Nordic to reinforce Taxiway C. This taxiway was made up of concrete slabs and later overlaid with asphalt. Over the years, the asphalt had developed cracks.

Renovation of taxiway
International Airport
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Taxiway C at Copenhagen International Airport was constructed at the beginning of the 1940s and was made up of concrete slabs. As a result of this, it was decided to carry out maintenance works on the taxiway. These maintenance works involved overlaying with hot mix asphalt, however this would not prevent reflecting cracks emerging from the concrete slabs below. Cracks are costly and time consuming to maintain and they are considered a safety risk, which can cause FOD (Foreign Object Damage).


S&P´s solution to the problem was to leave as much of the asphalt as possible in tact, so that this layer could act as an absorption layer for movement. The new overlay then is protected by the S&P Carbophalt® G reinforcement grid, which will act like a reinforced plate and can resist the tension appearing at the cracked tip. The whole procedure took a total of only 3 1/2 hours. S&P therefore offered a solid and timesaving solution, ensuring that safety standards were optimised. The S&P solution with S&P Carbophalt® G prevents crack reflection and the risks of FOD, as well as costs for the taxiway maintenance while increasing its lifespan.


3'400 m2 S&P Carbophalt® G

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  • Airport Copenhagen

    Milled and prepared surface

  • Airport Copenhagen

    S&P asphalt reinforcement grid partially installed on the taxiway

  • Airport Copenhagen

    Mechanical unrolling of S&P Carbophalt® G in one of the busiest areas of the airport and application of new asphalt pavement onto the S&P grid


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