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Renovation of ceiling after fire - Parking garage - Ehrendingen, Switzerland

Static retrofitting (wet-spray method) for structural enhancement

Renovation of ceiling after fire - Parking garage - Ehrendingen, Switzerland

Renovation of ceiling after fire
Parking garage


Due to a vehicle fire in December 2013, the ceiling above the ground floor was damaged. Traces of explosions in parts of the ceiling show the extent of the damage.


The statics investigation showed that the existing reinforcement had a reduced capacity to ensure bearing safety and serviceability.

The S&P ARMO system can guarantee the required alkali protection and fire protection on the interior reinforcement. The ARMO-crete w wet-spray mortar is applied onto the substrate constructively with the S&P ARMO mesh 200/200, in several stages. The reinforcement mesh made of carbon fibre is covered in at least 10 mm of mortar.

The renovation process:

1. Inspection and visual appraisal of damages / Initiate immediate steps
2. Drawing up of investigation and testing plan / Execution and analysis of material testing
3. Drawing up of renovation plan
4. Dismantling and moving of installations, insulation, etc.
5. Installation of equipment and machines / Protection of structural elements / Mounting the braces
6. Hydromechanical (high pressure water jet) grinding off of the bad concrete, manually or using robots, according to renovation plan
7. Testing and verifying the tensile adhesive strength of the substrate
8. Fixating the exposed reinforcement / Removing loose materials
9. Wetting the substrate to capillary saturation
10. Reprofiling with S&P ARMO-crete w shotcrete mortar up to 5mm above the steel reinforcement (corrosion protection)
11. Applying the second shotcrete mortar layer (in 2 m wide strips)
12. Incorporating the S&P ARMO-mesh carbon fibre reinforcement wet-on-wet into the mortar
13. Applying the third mortar layer to the finished thickness
14. Treating the surface as per the client’s wishes (grinding, broom finish, raw, etc.)
15. Post-treating the mortar, while maintaining humidity levels, for at least 7 days
16. Quality assurance according to the project engineer
17. Finishing with primer and paint work, installations, etc.


approx.110 m2 S&P ARMO-System


Image Gallery

  • Extent and scale of damages after the fire

  • Large areas of concrete explosions with exposed rebar and emergency bracing

  • Applying the S&P ARMO-mesh carbon fibre reinforcement wet in wet into the mortar


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