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S&P ARMO-System

Sprayable reinforcement mortars incorporating carbon and glass fibre meshes

S&P ARMO-crete® d

S&P ARMO-crete® d

S&P ARMO-crete® d dry shotcrete mortar consists of graduated aggregates. A reactive component is added into the shotcrete mortar, which reacts with the S&P ARMO-mesh®. This process ensures an intensive adhesion between the carbon fibre reinforcement and the shotcrete mortar. S&P ARMO-crete® d can be delivered in different grain sizes, additives, as well as cement.

S&P ARMO-crete® d. Hochwertiger SPCC Spritzmörtel mit Reaktivkomponente

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Advantages S&P ARMO-crete® d
- Very high resistance
- Chloride free
- High adhesion to most of the conventional concrete sub-bases
- Easy application (thick layers are possible)
- High resistance to fire

Additionally with Microsilica
- Low shrinkage coefficient
- Low penetration of chlorides
- Higher compressive strength
- High frost resistance and resistant to thermal shock

Additionally with accelerator
Greater layer thickness

Addidionally wigh sulphate-resistance cement
High sulphates resistance


  • Universal application possibilities in buildings, underground structures, tunnel tunnel and gallery constructions.
  • Renovation and strengthening of existing building materials in combination with S&P ARMO-mesh®
  • Constructional reinforcement with S&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement

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Design guideline

  • S&P ARMO-System FRCM Design Guidelines (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix)

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Product Information

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Logistic Data

    • Delivery
      40 kg bags of bulk
    • Storage
      Its shelf life is 12 months from the date of production, provided it is well kept.
    • Item NumberArticlePackaging unit / weightDimension
      ARMODRY040S&P ARMO-crete® d (bag)1 bag = 40.15 kg L x B x H = 0.30 m x 0.20 m x 0.50 m
      1 pallet = 1'707.00 kg / 42 bagsL x B x H = 1.20 m x 0.80 m x 1.35 m
      ARMODRYSILS&P ARMO-crete® d (bulk)

Safety Data

  • For detailed safety information it is recommended to ssek advice in the current safety data sheet.

Installation Instructions

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