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FX-70 System

Repair and protection of piles (underwater and dry applications)



FX-70-6MP™ Multi-Purpose Marine Epoxy Grout is a three-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant epoxy grout specifically designed for underwater applications as part of the FX‑70® Structural Repair and Protection System.

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  • Easily pumped or poured
  • High-strength, low absorption, impact-resistant grout
  • Can be placed underwater without de-watering
  • Resistant to chemical and aggressive water environments


  • As a high-strength epoxy grout component of the FX‑70® structural repair and protection system
  • As a high-strength epoxy grout in wet or dry applications
  • As an underwater repair mortar Joint repair

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Product Information

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Logistic Data

    • Storage
      Store dry between 4 – 35 °C
    • Shelf Life
      2 years in unopened packaging
    • Packaging
      FX70-6MPKT3-2contains11.4 L epoxy kit + 2 x 22.7 kg bags of filler
      FX70-6MPKT3-3contains11.4 L epoxy kit + 3 x 22.7 kg bags of filler
      FX70-MPKT15-10contains56.8 L epoxy kit + 10 x 22.7 kg bags of filler
      FX70-MPKT15-15contains56.8 L epoxy kit + 15 x 22.7 kg bags of filler

Safety Data

  • For detailed safety information it is recommended to seek advice in the current safety data sheet.

Installation Instructions

  • FX-70-6MP™ can be trowelled, poured, pumped, or tremied. Properly mixed FX-70-6MP™ can be poured from the top of the jacket through standing water. For pumping applications, pump properly mixed FX-70-6MP™ as follows: Install pumping ports at 90 degrees from tongue and groove joint, alternating sides. Place the first port approximately 30 cm from the bottom of the jacket. Place subsequent ports at a maximum 1.5 m vertical spacing, alternating sides. Begin pumping from the lowest port and move up from port to port. Do not exceed 3 m pumping distance from any individual port. All submerged forms should be inspected by a certified professional diver during the filling process to check for leaks and proper placement. For tremie applications, make sure the hose extends all the way to the bottom of the form. Fill the form to the desired level, allowing water to displace from the top of the form. Depending on the depth of the pour and size of the vessel, the tremie hose may need to be retracted as the form fills to maintain flow.

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