S&P Reinforces the Bond with the Department of Civil Engineering (Denmark)

Tuesday, 25. February 2020

S&P Reinforces the Bond with the Department of Civil Engineering (Denmark)

  • S&P Reinformcement and DTU PhD Jullius Nielsen

We are excited to present PhD Julius Nielsen to our S&P Reinforcement Nordic team. Julius is our new Industrial PhD, who is doing a scientific project with Denmarks Department of Civil Engineering (Technical University of Denmark, DTU) funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD). The title of the research piece project is : Modelling and Analysis of Pavements with Asphalt Reinforcement.

The collaboration between S&P Reinforcement Nordic and the DTU started back in 2017, where Julius and a fellow student carried out a research project - investigating the effects of asphalt reinforcement in pavements based on basic model analysis. Since then, S&P Reinforcement Nordic and Associate Professor Eyal Levenberg (DTU) have shared a common interest in advancing the research into an Industrial PhD project, approved by the IFD. While the DTU will be responsible for the supervision and education, S&P will support the project with its field experience and testing facilities. The objective of the current project is to formulate a new computational model to include the effects of asphalt reinforcement in pavement structures. 

As part of a three year development, preform full-scale tests of pavements that contain reinforcement will be conducted. This will generate the data needed for calibrating and experimentally validating the new model. In this regard, innovative approaches will be required in the utilisation of deployable sensing gear, and in data interpretation techniques. 

The implementation of the resulting computational model will enable consultants and contractors to prescribe a reinforcement alternative, and quantify its effect in a unified and rational manner. Moreover, the project is expected to contribute new knowledge to the research arena of pavements, specifically within the realm of utilising non-standard sensing technologies for pavement applications.

You can read more about Julius' background, working with innovative pavement testing techniques here: ”Inferring pavement layer properties from roadside sensors”. (External site, opens in new window).



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