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New Products in Iberica

Thursday, 20. May 2021

New Products in Iberica

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We are pleased to announce the launch of two new products in our Concrete Repair and Protection range!

Firstly introducing S&P Tecnoprot-CEM, a one component, polymer-modified cementitious primer for protecting rebars against corrosion. The product is simply mixed with water and brush or spray applied onto the prepared exposed rebars prior to the application of S&P repair mortars! S&P Tecnoprot-CEM has been rigorously tested and conforms to EN 1504 part 7: Reinforcement corrosion protection. You can find out more about the product and the advantages here.

Our second new product in the range is MCI-2021, a migratory corrosion inhibitor that protects imbedded steel reinforcement within concrete structures. It's sprayed onto concrete surfaces and is designed to migrate through the pores and form a protective layer around the rebars. Again, MCI-2021 has also been heavily tested and fulfils the requirements of EN 1504 part 2: Surface protection systems for concrete. Click here to find out more about the benefits of this new product.

With the launch of these two new products, we have made the decision to discontinue the epoxy based rebar protection product S&P Tecnoprot-Epox. We are always looking at innovative and sustainable ways to improve our product offering and with the launch of S&P Tecnoprot-CEM, we are confident that we cover our clients’ needs and more of its predecessor S&P Tecnoprot-Epox.

The two new products are exclusively available on the Spanish and Portuguese markets, so please get in touch with us to find out more details!


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