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S&P G-Sheet E 50/50 - S&P G-Sheet AR 50/50


S&P G-Sheet E/AR 50/50

S&P G-Sheet 50/50 is a bidirectional glass fibre fabric with high strength for structural reinforcement. It can be applied in a dry or wet lay-up process. S&P G-Sheets is applied (stuck-on) to the building element in question using laminating resin (S&P Resin 55 HP or S&P Resicem HP).

Field of application

  • Strengthening or reinforcement of bearing structures made from reinforced concrete and masonry, against flexural (bending tensile) and axial stresses
  • Increasing strength and ductility of columns and walls
  • Increasing resistance against earthquakes
  • Increasing imposed loads
  • Replacement of corroded or missing reinforcement
  • In case of a change in the nature of imposed loads
  • Correction of design and/or building mistakes
  • Extension of service life and durability
  • Complying with the latest standards


  • Flexible application, even on curved surfaces such as pillars, columns, silos, chimneys, walls, arched slabs, etc.
  • Low self-weight and small installation thickness
  • Easy, flexible and economical strengthening method
  • No corrosion
  • Very short interruption in normal use of the building
  • No noise and no vibration during installation

Related Software

FRP Colonna

FRP Colonna is a design software for reinforcement of centrally loaded concrete columns by wrapping S&P FRP Sheets. FRP Colonna may be used for preliminary and final design of structural reinforcement. For a known axial force, the software calculates the required layers wrapping with S&P Aramid-, Carbon-, or Glass Sheet.

FRP Colonna does not check buckling.

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet S&P G-Sheet E/AR 50/50
Basics for S&P FRP-Systems
Safety Data Sheet S&P G-Sheet E/AR 50/50

Tab Group

Logistic Data

DeliveryS&P G-Sheet E 50/50 (350 g/m²)S&P G-Sheet AR 50/50 (350 g/m²)
Width of roll:670 mm670 mm
Length of roll: 50 m50 m
(special sheets upon request)
Storage temperature between +5 °C and +35 °C. Store in a dry place and protect from direct sunlight.
Item number Article
GSAR0505067S&P G-Sheet AR 50/50
GSE0505067S&P G-Sheet E 50/50

Safety Data

For detailed safety information it is recommended to seek advice in the current safety data sheet.

Installation Instructions

Cut sheets with scissors or a knife and ruler. Never bend the sheets! (Sheet may only be folded parallel to the fibre). The S&P G-Sheets can be applied in a dry or wet lay-up process.

For more details please refer to the application manual of G-Sheet E/AR.

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