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S&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement

Reinforcement mesh

S&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement made from AR-glass fibres can be used for constructional reinforcement (anti-shrinkage) in S&P ARMO-crete .

Field of application

  • Universal application possibilities in buildings, underground structures, tunnel and canal construction
  • Improvement of serviceability (shrinkage cracks)


  • Alkali resisant
  • SBR coated
  • Finely woven
  • Bi-directional
  • Flexible application


Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet S&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement

Tab Group

Logistic Data

Width of roll: 1.50 mLength of roll: 70 m
Width of roll: 2.20 mLength of roll: 100 m
The product must be stored in a dry place.
Item number ArticlePackaging unit / Weight
ANGF150070ARS&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement (roll 1.50 m x 70 m)1 roll = 105.00 m² / 12.60 kg
ANGF220100ARS&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement (roll 2.20 m x 100 m)1 roll = 220.00 m² / 38.00 kg

Installation Instructions

Depending on the mortar application (wet lay-up or dry lay-up process), the S&P ARMO-glass fibre reinforcement is either embedded, wet-in-wet, in the mortar, or fixed onto the first shotcrete layer using special Inox staples. In both versions, the reinforcement must be covered in accordance with the specific requirements and regulations.

For more details please refer to the application manual of the respective mortar.




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