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FX-225 - Non-Shrink Underwater Grout

FX‑225 Non-Shrink Underwater Grout is a high-strength, non-metallic, non-segregating grout designed with special anti-washout admixtures, corrosion inhibitors and polymers. FX‑225 can be pumped or tremied underwater to grout machinery, fibreglass pile jackets and repair deteriorated concrete without de-watering.

Field of application

• Concrete repairs in marine structures
• Underwater grouting applications
• Pile jacket repairs with the FX‑70® structural repair system
• Seawall repairs without de-watering


• Flowable and pumpable
• No de-watering or cofferdams required
• Shrinkage compensated
• Bonds well to concrete, even underwater
• Ready to use, simply add potable water

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet FX-225
Safety Data Sheet FX-225

Tab Group

Technical Data

Please refer to the current techical data sheet for details.

Logistic Data

Strore dry between 4-35 °C
Shelf Life
1 year in unopened packaging
25 kg bag

Safety Data

For detailed safety information it is recommended to seek advice in the current safety data sheet in the service section above.

Installation Instructions

FX-225 can be trowelled, pumped, or tremied. For pumping applications, pump properly mixed FX-225 through a port installed at the bottom of the form (FX-70® Jacket) and fill to the desired level, allowing water to displace from either the top of the form or through a port installed at the top of the form. All submerged forms should be inspected by a professional diver during the filling process to check for leaks and proper placement. For tremie applications, make sure the hose extends all the way to the bottom of the form. Fill the form to the desired level, allowing water to displace from the top of the form. Depending on the depth of the pour and size of the vessel, the tremie hose may need to be retracted as the form fills to maintain flow.

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