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S&P Resicem HP

Epoxy Adhesive

High performance, solvent-free, 3-component epoxy resin with formulated amine hardener. S&P Resicem HP is water vapour permeable. The product is enriched using special ingredients as well as additional fillers and additives.


Field of application

S&P Resicem HP is used as a laminating resin for the following S&P sheet systems:

  • S&P C-Sheet
  • S&P G-Sheets E / AR
  • S&P A-Sheet

S&P Resicem is also suitable for corrosion protection of the existing internal rebars


  • Good wettability
  • Good stability
  • High performance
  • Can be applied by machine
  • Resistant to alkaline solutions, diluted acids, salt solutions, mineral oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons

Documentation and Literature

Technical Data Sheet S&P Resicem HP
Safety Data Sheet S&P Resicem, Component A
Safety Data Sheet S&P Resicem, Component B
Safety Data Sheet S&P Resicem HP, Component F

Tab Group

Logistic Data

Units of 10 kg or container of 1‘000 l
Component A + B: 24 months in original packaging at +5 °C to +35 °C
Component F (powder): 12 months in original packaging at +5 °C to +35 °C
Item numberArticlePackaging unit / weightDimension
SHRESICE010S&P Resicem HP1 Set = 11.100 kgH x Ø = 0.29 m x 0.25 m

Safety Data

For detailed safety information it is recommended to seek advice in the current safety data sheet.


Installation Instructions


S&P Resicem HP is supplied in the required mixing proportions. The powder component (Comp. F) is added to the resin (Comp. A). Mixing of the components is ideally done using a low speed mixing device. When the hardener (Comp. B) is added, thorough stirring is again required. Proper mixing from the sides and from the bottom ensures that the hardener is evenly distributed throughout the container. The mixed product must be of homogeneous appearance, i.e. streak-free. The temperature of the components at the time of mixing should ideally be 15–20 °C. Higher temperatures reduce the application time considerably.

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